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Vrf - Standard Units Conversion

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 9, 1998
   Michelle Farris
   3333 Hillview Ave
   Palo Alto, California, USA
   re:  VRF - RunTimeOnly Help Request
     I am developing a user interface (Vee 4.01, Win95) which allows the
     user's computer to set up various parameters on an HP Pulse
     Generator HP8112a.  I developed the program at my computer,
     installed RunTimeOnly Vee from the CD onto the user's computer
     which is also Win95.  When I run the program on my computer, all is
     well.  When I run it on the user's computer I immediately receive
     an error "Invalid Device Encountered - Error #904 - Parse Error".
     I have copied the file from my computer, where the device IS
     configured, to the user's computer and still receive the same error
     message.  Any idea's or suggestions??? 
     Thank you,