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Direct I/O using LAN

Question asked by michael.asbery on Mar 11, 1999
Latest reply on Mar 11, 1999 by michael.asbery
After spending two weeks with HP  tech support it came out that there is an
undocumented bug in the SICL libraries that requires the E2050A to have a
symbolic name.  This name must be listed in your DNS server on your network
or you can list it locally in the   "HOSTS" file on your host PC as Greg
Goebel describes.  My particular problem  stemmed from an improperly
configured access list on the E2050. (as you can TELNET to the box, this is
not your problem).  Once properly configured, the E2050 should work fine
over your network.

Probable Fix, add the following line to your hosts file   E2050A

Mike Asbery

At 08:52 AM 3/9/99 -0700, Greg Goebel wrote:
>> are using has no HPIB interface. When using TELNET, the LAN box can be
>> reached. The LAN box is connected via ethernet. The PC is connected via
>> token-ring. In between there is a router.
>> When using HP-Vee (5.01) the LAN box can not be reached. HP-Vee comes
>> with the following error message:
>You need to make an entry for the remote unit in your "hosts" file (in
>Windows or WindowsSystem).  There should be a "host.sam" sample file in
>the directory that will show you the format.

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