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Controlling 83640B with SCPI commands thru passthru

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 9, 1998

I have an 8757D and 83640B in a setup.  I want to use some of the features of
the 83640B which can only be accessed through SCPI commands.  I can get it to
work using HP Basic, but can not get it to work using HP Vee.  The HP Basic
code I am using is:

10  OUTPUT 716;"PT19"
20  OUTPUT 717;"SHS11"
30  WAIT .5
50  WAIT .5
60  OUTPUT 717;"POW -55"
70  WAIT .5
90  WAIT .5
100 OUTPUT 716;""
110 WAIT .5
120 LOCAL 716
130 END

The above code puts the 83640B into SCPI mode, sets the power using the SCPI
command for power, then sets the 83640B in ANALYZER mode.

The attempt at Vee successfully places the 83640B into SCPI mode, but then it
does not recognize any other commands.

According to HP Basic help, END:

The optional END may be used after the last data item. If USING is not
specified, then END 1) suppresses the EOL sequence from being output after the
last item, 2) sends an EOI signal with the last character of the last item sent
to a IEEE-488 device and 3) truncates a file.

I tried setting EOI to yes and leaving the EOL off the commands that the END
appears on in HP Basic, in the 83640B Direct I/0 object, but that did not work.

What I am trying to do is set up a Power correction array in the 83640B so my
swept power is flat.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Ken Larson