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Bug with ActiveX ListView/Imagelist (?)

Question asked by VRFuser on May 9, 1999
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>From: "Georg Nied" <>
>Subject: VRF: Bug with ActiveX ListView/Imagelist (?)
>Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 13:03:04 +0200

>In fact this is no problem when running the demo as a secured program, but
>while developing the program source increases due to the size of the
>ImageList object.

I realize this is a bit dated, but have been out of the office and just read
the VRF.  I wanted to send you some comments based on a similar situation,
in case you hadn't resolved the issue.

I had a similar problem some time ago using the MS FlexGrid control, where
development code doubled in size each time the file was saved.  I later
that it was the saved state information that kept doubling in the
development code.

I'm not sure what caused it, but at some point VEE either read the state
info from the
development code file and didn't apply it to the control, or simply saved it
to disk.  This saved state information then doubled in size each time the
file was saved.
VEE seemed to allocate file space for the original data, then simply
appended the new
"state" data to the old.  (VEE apparently assumed the saved state data was
to be the same size as the data read in from the file.)  Thus, when the file
re-opened, the new doubled size would be read as the state info, and when
again, would be now quadruple its original size.

I finally decided to simply open the VEE code in a plain text editor (since
code is ASCII text) and look for clues.  That's when I noticed that the
above was
happening.  After a few minutes of perusal, I decided to delete the entire
segment of
code that was designated as the controls saved state, since I really didn't
need any
state information saved for future sessions.  The next time I saved the
file, the
control's saved state was properly written to the file, and my problems were

I only had to do this once, and I've now modified and saved that particular
file a few
hundred times without incident.

If I understand your trouble correctly, it sounds to me like you might be
able to
benefit from performing a similar surgical procedure.  (Of course, be sure
to back up
your original development code file first.) =]

Just a thought.  Hope it helps.

Randy Schad

Oswego Software, Inc.
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