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Serial to I2C

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 12, 1999
Latest reply on Mar 12, 1999 by VRFuser
You can use  a I2C adapter card to interface directy with the serial
eeprom. currently, calibre (UK) had this card ica93(ISA) which comes
with HP VEE drivers. it is pretty convenient...regards, anthony

---Gustin Mike <Mike.Gustin@EMG.SMS.SIEMENS.COM> wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone done a serial port to I2C driver utilizing a Maxim chip
or a
> level shifter? I want to be able to write
> and read to a couple of small serial eeproms.
> I appreciate any help.
> Mike Gustin
> Siemens Medical Systems

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