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vee defect VXDaa27273 was moved to state D by susanw

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 14, 1999
Latest reply on Mar 14, 1999 by VRFuser

Bug VXDaa27273                vee                           Submitted 990312
  DUPLICATE of VXDaa24249                                    Assigned 990314
                                                            Duplicate 990314
  "add control pin to REGRESSION object"

                                        LABORATORY INFORMATION
                                         Assigned engineer: susanw
Detection method: in-house normal use

Platform:         all
Severity: 5
Frequency: 3
Consequences: 2
Workaround: 0

Submitter:     Stan Bischof
Organization:  HP MID


************ Problem (Added 990312 by http) ***********
The regression object is very useful but must be configured manually
using the GUI.

It would be very useful when fitting largely unknown data to be
able to programatically try several different fits.

A control pin allowing input of regression type and parameters
would be great. Then a simple program could try various fits
and examine the "goodness" to see which is best.

There is no reasonable workaround at present.

Stan Bischof

************ History ************
batchbug 990312 100029 Frequency submitted as 3 by Stan Bischof
batchbug 990312 100029 Consequences submitted as 2 by Stan Bischof
batchbug 990312 100029 Workaround submitted as 0 by Stan Bischof
batchbug 990312 100029 Submitted to vee -  by Stan Bischof, from the Web.
xddts    990314 164801 N -> A (Assigned to susanw) by susanw
xddts    990314 164813 A -> D (VXDaa24249) by susanw

++++++++++++ Field change log (added to mail by bugmail) ++++++++++++

Changed Timestamp        from '2' to '3'
Changed Transition-stamp from '921258031' to '921455293'
Changed Last-mod         from '990312' to '990314'
Changed Status           from 'N' to 'D'
Changed Updated-by       from 'rsb' to 'susanw'
Added   Engineer         as   'susanw'
Added   Engineer-domain  as   ''
Added   Engineer-mail    as   'susanw'
Added   Assigned-on      as   '990314'
Added   Duplicate-of     as   'VXDaa24249'
Added   Duplicate-on     as   '990314'
Added   When-found       as   ''
Added   When-caused      as   ''
Added   Prototype        as   ''
Added   Submitter-host   as   ''