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VRF - Forcing Selection Controls to output their initial state

Question asked by VRFuser on May 13, 1998
Hi all,

I've attached a sample program indicating what I am trying to attempt ...

The idea is to have the selction control (Drop Down List) defaulted to a certain value.
This could be done by simply initialising the variable to the required one before any delection
takes place, however the actual display on the screen relies on being updated dependant on
the option that is selected.  The label has been added for simplicity, but in the required screen
there are several text inputs whose purpose is specified by the option selected.

I suppose a simple solution would be to force the selection control to pass it's initial value onto
the rest of the program, and then wait for the control to be activated again. Is this possible ? I
appear only to force the control to fire continously OR wait for user input.

Can anyone help with this ?  Is there an alternative approach ?

Thanks for any help you can offer me.