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DLL problem, need help

Question asked by VRFuser on May 14, 1998
Hi all,

I ran into the following problem with interfacing DLL's, I think I miss just one clue:

I'm using VEE4.01 under NT4
I used DLL's (other, selfmade) before, with success.
I am not a real programmer, but we have a software department which can give me some advice, although they are unfamiliar with VEE.
We have a DLL library (32 bits) to interface with a running application, which controls our microscopes.
Visual basic can interface with this library, and it is tested thoroughly.
My definition file:

  /* definition file for XLIB32*/
  long Connect(void);     /* connect to application */
  long IsConnected(void);     /* check connection, returns either 1 or 0 */
  long Disconnect(void);     /*disconnect from application */
  long GetOnOff(short *v);     /* check status, either 1 or 0 */
  long SetOnOff(short v);     /* set status, either 1 or 0 */

All functions will return 0 or an errorcode.
Although I'm not sure about the real flow inside these functions, the Connect, IsConnected and Disconnect functions return the values I expect. So it seems VEE can connect to the other application.
But no matter what I do, I get garbage from the GetOnOff and SetOnOff.
I get no errormessage.

Please help!
Any help or hint will be appreciated.

Regards, Johannes Mulder

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