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Vee problem, shall appreciate your help.

Question asked by VRFuser on May 15, 1998
Hi everybody,

I am new to HP VEE . I am using VER.4 to control HP8753D network
analyser for data aquisition and storage.

I face the following problem.

1.     I downloaded the driver software from Web, the analyser can
operate from 30Khz to 6Ghz. But the panel driver shows 3MHz as the start
I tried to change this to 30Khz, still remains at 3M.

2.     I set the no of points to 801, but the measured data contains
1601( all zero after 801th data), Why is this happening ?.

3.     How can I get the data from analyser in two columns and 801 rows
, data seperated by a comma, with out any bracket.? What output point
need to be selected ?
Tha data array I am getting is of 2 rows and 1601 columns.

4     How can I convert the data on To MATLAB software.

Pls any one can help me in this.
Your suggession will be highly appreciated.


Santhosh kumar