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Vrf- displaying signals with different frequencies in

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 18, 1998

I would like to know why this c-lines causes extensive memoryleakage
and how I can work around it! The program is actually MUCH larger but
I see that these rows are the ones that cause the leakage. I use the
DAV-function to readout the data-available several times per second.
I am about 99.5% convinced that the SICL-subroutine iopen causes the
memoryleakage (Windows NT task manager reports a memory usage increasing
from about 40 Mb to 130 Mb in a couple of minutes!!!! Finally? - too
much swapping and hints about closing applications).

This is basically how MY program looks like:

int DLL rs232dav(int portnr){

     INST comport;
     long buffavail;
     int  status;

          case 1:
          case 2:
               return -1;

     if(comport==0) return -1;

     status=iserialstat(comport, I_SERIAL_READ_DAV, &buffavail);

     return (int)buffavail;

// According to the books iopen will create a driver-session. I thought
// that iclose would free that session-memory. I need to close the driver
// after this action cause otherwise other drivers and programs can't
// access it...

Please help me. I really need this kind of interface to RS232!!!

/ Tomas

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