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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 1, 1998
Hello everybody in this VEE user group,
I join this group since about 5 hours so I have no idea what is going on

So - my problem:
I use HP-VEE 3.2 /Win NT4.0/HPIB-Interface
I have a some older Test & Measurement Hardware and don't find instrument
drivers for those. I want to use these instruments only for
test-documentation, make screen-copies and save for example the graph to a
bitmap-file. The first way is, to write I/O-Drivers, or maybe one of you
has done it. The second chance is (my idea) : Can I use the HPIB-Interface
in my Lab-PC as an Listen-Only "HPGL-Plotter-Dummy", use the screen-copy
function of the instruments and write a HPGL-file down on my PC?
It would be great, if somebody could help me !! (I don't want to buy a 10
years old plotter)
The instruments I use are :
HP 54100 D - Digital Scope
Wavetek 5830B - NF-Analyzer
Anritsu MS420J/K - Network Analyzer

I would be very pleased to get some comments.
Thank you

Michael Duebbert - Berlin, Germany, Email: