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Dumping data to Excel

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 1, 1998
Thanks for the tip!  I did not know this.  Now I need to change my code again... wrote:

>       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>         I use DDE to EXCEL extensively and I find it very useful, and quite
>      quick if it is implemented correctly.  I can poke 2048 real numbers
>      into an open EXCEL sheet in approximately 0.28 sec.  This is quick for
>      my measurements.
>         I increased the speed by two means.  The data originates from an
>      array, so there is a single transaction in the To/From DDE box.
>      Second, I use a trick I learned earlier on the reflector.  That is, if
>      the array is Data[2048] write the transaction as r1c1:r2048c1, and set
>      the array separator as "
" in the Data Format sheet of the Properties
>      panel for the To/From DDE panel.  Do not use a loop to write the data!
>         Dan Steigerwald