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Vrf - Problems with DDE to Excel97

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 22, 1998
Hello world,
maybe somebody has a idea for my problems with transfering data to excel97.
I want to use DDE first time with HP-Vee 3.21 and Windows NT 4.0 (I tried also Vee 4.01 and Excel95).
The simple transaction <WRITE ITEM "R1C2" TEXT "test" EOL> results in the error message "DDE POKE to item 'R1C2' failed".
Maybe the syntax of the used german version of excel is different to the used Vee-Syntax?
Where can I find a list of excel DDE syntax?
Any help will be appreciated...

Michael Duebbert
Femto Messtechnik GmbH
Berlin, Germany