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Vrf - Editing selection control lists

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 23, 1998
Hi Hal,

You can easily edit the Enums in a List Box from
the Panel or the Diagram if the model is not running.
Right Mouse=>Edit Enum Values.

The easiest way I can think of to get the Enums from a list
box into an array is to:
1-Edit the VEE source code with a text editor.
2-Search for the commands
3-List box Enums will look something like what is below.
(value Enum
("Start" 0)
("Reset Instrument A" 1)
("Reset Instrument B" 2)
("Measure Ch2" 3)
("Reset Instrument B" 4)
("Reset Instrument A" 5)
("stop" 6))
4-Cut and Paste them to a file
5-Strip out the extra stuff "()
6-Read the file into VEE using From File token array Exclude

From:  Hal Cornelius[]
Sent:  Thursday, April 23, 1998 11:39 AM
To:  HP VEE User's Group
Subject:  Vrf - Editing selection control lists

I have 65 entries in a Selection control list box.  These entries are
human readable commands that point to machine commands for the
equipment.  Is there a way to edit the list?  I would like to add,
modify or delete certain commands, but maintain the rest of the list..

A better way probably would be to put the commands into an array or
record and index into that to get the correct command.  Is there an easy
way to transfer the commands into an array?

Hal Cornelius
Research Planning Inc.
China Lake, Ca.