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Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 21, 1997
> Greg,
> we also had problems with the HP 82341D under Windows 95/NT.
> We tried to install the card with the Plug'n'Play installation.
> The card was recognized by the I_O_Config program but did not work under VEE or
> HP BASIC. But the problem was not the card or its software but it was the
> Plug'n'Play configuration of the BIOS. The card was configured with an IRQ
> address which was already used by another device.
> We have seen that this problem often appears if you install an ISA Plug'n'Play
> board. So this problem is BIOS related, it can happen (and it will !) with each
> ISA Plug'n'Play board.
> The only way to prevent this problem is to define IRQ addresses for each
> installed ISA Plug'n'Play board in the computer's BIOS.

Thanks for the feedback.  "Plug&Play ... doesn't!"

> Cheers !
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