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VRF- setting position of the dialog box

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 19, 1998
At 17:40 19/02/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Vigdor Liran wrote:
>> HP 4.X Users
>> Hello all
>> how can I set the position on the view panel
>> of the
>>  data-> dialog box -> message box
>> data-> dialog box -> text input ... and so on
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>I tried it with the message box in one of my programs. Run it once and
instead of
>pressing the OK button hit Stop in the upper right corner of HP vee once.
Now move the
>message box to where you want, press the continue button. When you restart
the program
>the message box should be where you put it the last time.
>Stephan Grabeleu (using vers 3.12)
>Institute of Air and Space Aviation
>TU Berlin,

If you want to show the message box in some specific position, I suggest to
include it in a User Function only dedicated to this.

Other way is to generate an Specific User Function. Due to (as time before
was discussed) message box stops the application until the operator (or
timeout) accept or reject the message, we have developed specific operator
message functions in our programs. Although the best way should be that the
VEE itself could have that functionality, because their operator messages
are very good and with several options very difficul to imitate in a
developed User Funcion.


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