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I/O config solved , new problem with HPIB timeout.

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 3, 1998
I too have this problem with Panel drivers and have always had it since I set-up my new machine. I cannot use panel drivers at all and so use Plug and Play or direct I/O which works well most of the time. I still get error 811 on read and 810 on write to any panel driver.

I also still have the problem with segmentation error 11 if I refresh the instruments in the HPVEE Instrument manager. It will sometimes work after a re-install of everything but eventually stops working.

It is working at the moment after a re-install last Friday.

From: Gustin, Mike
Subject: Vrf: I/O config solved , new problem with HPIB timeout.
Date: Wednesday, 4 March 1998 04:24

Again I appreciate everyone's reply to my I/O config problem. I have a few
choice words for the I/O config software and they are not nice.

After stripping the computer down and adding boards back in one at a time it
appears that I had an IRQ conflict. Though the ethernet card had an IRQ of
10 and the HP IEEE488 card had an IRQ of 11 they were conflicting. Once I
put the etherenet card to an IRQ of 5 I was able to run the I/O config
software. I hope in future releases the installation manual and software
improve and they also talk to the person writing the HP Vee manual. It took
a while to figure out that when configuring a serial port that the address
in the HP Vee device configuration is the logical unit in the I/O
configuration software. I am sure that when I do this again in 8 months the
poor documentation will get me again.

Now I am getting HPIB timeout errors (error number 811). I have backed off
to just a panel driver and when I change something on the panel driver the
instrument responds but I get a HPIB time out error.

Does anyone have a suggestion to solve the time out error. It is occuring
with both of the instruments that I have connected to the HPIB card.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.

Mike Gustin

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