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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 3, 1998
Dear Vee Exchange,
     Here is an excerpt from a bug-resolution that I had just recieved.  I
     feel the work around is unsatisfactory.  What are your opinions?  I
     submit bugs and enhancement requests often, so should you all.
     This is a bad work-around.  There shouldn't have to be a work-around. 
     The fix should be in the control, not in the code I have to write. 
     The control does not work, in my opinion, as it is supposed to.  The
     drop-down and pop-up lists should ALWAYS have a timeout feature.

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Subject: vee defect VXDaa17570 was moved to state R by dougk
Author:  ddts-at-lvld ( at HP-PaloAlto,shargw6
Date:    3/4/98 10:11 AM

Bug VXDaa17570                vee                           Submitted 971030
  RESOLVED defect                                            Assigned 971106
                              4.0                              Opened 980304
                                                             Resolved 980304
  "Drop-Down List is modal, could it have a timeout?"
Detection method: in-house normal use
Platform:         all
Severity: 5
Frequency: 3
Consequences: 2
Workaround: 0                          RESOLUTION INFORMATION
                                         Resolution:     no fix
                                         Fix time (hrs): 0
SUBMITTER INFORMATION                   
Submitter:     andrew hamilton
Organization:  HP MXD                  
************ Problem (Added 971030 by http) ***********
The drop-down list of a drop-down-list-box behaves modally, but it has no
time-out feature.  Could the drop-down list box have a timeout feature?
ie...It is possible for a user to activate the drop-down list box, but not make
selection, therefore hanging up my program.  The only other selection control
that has this limitation is the pop-up listbox. 
Perhaps the philosophy could be that no selection controls will be modal: unless
they have a timeout feature.
Of course, then the user has to process the timeout.
************ Workaround (Added 980304 by -----) ***********
You can effectively get this behavior by building it into your program.
Take a look at Solitaire.vee and the Options dialog box.  You simply
need to keep track of values and then add 'Exit UserObject' objects to
the context.