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VRF - plotting an array in an XY chart

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 23, 1998
Dear Vee Users,

I am trying to plot a consecutively gathered series of curves, all 16
points long, into an XY chart.  The idea is that each will be a different
colour, and so identifiable from the legend.  (Add trace won't work because
they're all the same colour.)  Each trace needs to be supplied as one 1-D

I have several variations on a loop with a "for count" and then a separate
"If then else" box to supply each trace, after setting up the appropriate
master 2-D array with dummy values if that row hasn't yet arrived.  The
sticking point is that the XY chart doesn't seem to want to execute from a
series of if then boxes firing off serially - I have checked that the
output pin has worked on each if then, and it has - each has a 1-D array.

Any advice, please ?

David Holder

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