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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 23, 1998
Hi one and all

The Book "Building an Operator Interface with HP VEE" sounds to be
useful.  Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a copy please.

Even though we are down in New Zealand we can usually obtain most items.


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> Subject:      Re: VRF-PopUps
>      Greg,
>         You had a good response to the pop up question for a single
> point
>      input used in multiple areas.  You can include "OK" buttons, if
> you
>      just want to get the input once for your program.   An "OK"
> button or
>      WAIT ON INPUT will not cause a User Object to become modal, which
> was
>      sort of implied in your answer.  In v4 the same applies to User
>      Functions.  The box will not become modal, so parallel threads
> will
>      continue, but the calling thread will of course be stalled till
> the
>      object completes.
>         In your example, what happens if the user is in the process of
>      typing in data when the function is polled?  Does partial data
> come
>      through, or does the "old" value still come through?  Or does the
> call
>      hang till the user is done typing?  In these multi-threaded
> scenarios,
>      sequencing can get to be a bear sometimes! 
>         As an aside to newer users:  The concepts around building
> these
>      kind of pop-ups are covered in "Building an Operator Interface
> with HP
>      VEE" which is a really good book to read through.  One of the
> most
>      powerful concepts presented there is that a User Object does not
> have
>      to satisfy all of its OUTPUT pins for the thread to continue.
> This is
>      powerful when one realizes that a User Object or Function can
> ping
>      different output pins depending on whether it completed
> successfully,
>      as opposed to say 'C', where there is only one return value that
> must
>      be tested by the caller each time the function is run.  If you
> make
>      the test internal to your User Function, you can eliminate a lot
> of
>      redundant code and simplify the look of your program greatly.
>      Thomas Groleau
>      Tucson, Arizona