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VRf-Need_help-about compare waveforms

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 22, 1997
> Does any body knows how to compare waveforms?
> I work with HP-VEE 3.21, I need to reject waveforms with
> a size higher or smaller than 90% related to a reference.
> Thanks for any help.

You don't explain the waveform at all.  This might help though.
If it is simply the peak value of the waveform, just use the max(x)
function and compare to the value of the reference.  If this is a
repeating waveform embedded in noise, perhaps fft(x) and compare
values at the frequency of interest.  Or if you are looking at
waveform shapes, you might try a convolve(a,b) and look at that array.

Good luck,