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(Fwd) Vee Suggestions / Problems.

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 25, 1997
At 09:08 25/09/97 EST5EDT, you wrote:
>Fellow VEE'er's...  My colleague sent me this rather disturbing E mail
>this morning, and it's got me rather worried.  It seems to me that he
>got a BRB error while saving his program.  He is running HP VEE 4.01,
>on Win95 using a NI GPIB card.
>I realized that he has most likely lost the program he was working
>on, but has anybody had an experience similar to this??  Is there
>any way to avoid this from happening again???
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>I had a rather interesting (and bloody annoying) problem with Vee
>yesterday. I've been getting to grips with what you've been
>developing, and trying several ideas for the final User interface /
>test plan building/execution. I had been saving my work on a regular
>basis with no problems.  However at about 5pm, upon saving my work I
>was very kindly met with the message :
>   11 is not a valid entry - valid entries are 0 - 10
>   Save failed
>I closed down all other problems and tried again, with the same
>result. I quit the prog, apparently without saving, and restarted the
>machine. I tried to load the prog, only to be met by the message :
>   Error occurred during load of device UserObject
>   End of file or no data found
>   while searching for block enclosure
>I've tried the backup file, with the same result.
>Upon examining the file in a text editor, the last part appears to
>have been cropped off.
>Have you ever had this problem ?
>Is there a way to salvage the file ?
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>Well, there you have it.  Any insight would be appreciated...
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Well, In some odd cases we have had more or less the same problems. In any
case and related to the before, we use to name the applications as:

where YY is the year, MM is the month and DD is the day. It is done during
the development phase. In this way, we can perform a back-up of the day we
want. Of course, this needs a bigger hard disk in your computer, but each
month, for example, the old files are deleted.

The problem is the name of libraries that are imported in real time. In this
case we have them duplicated. In the development directory we have a lot of
library files as it has explained, but in the testing (and or configuration)
directory we have only one file named the same than before but without the date.

This is not the first time that I suggest VEE could provide a little
configuration tool to manage several files instead of only two: the current
and the backup.

I don't know if this information is useful.


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