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HP VEE Questions

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 24, 1998
The program is phone dialer using TAPI driver included in NT 4.0 and
     My project is writing a routine to enable the production machine to
     page the relevent (technician or engineer) people under different
     problem.  I manage to make the phone dialer to send the message, but I
     need to press the "dial" and "ok" keys manually.  Instead of the
     machine does it automatically.
     I am also need to someway to instrust the dialer.exe to send different
     messages and dial numbers for different problem automatically.  That's
     means I need to write a .ini file for it.  Is there any other way to
     do it?
     Thanks for your fast response.
     Mic Voo

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Subject: Re: HP VEE Questions
Author:  rsb-at-sr ( at HP-PaloAlto,mimegw2
Date:    2/25/98 12:23 AM

VOO_MICHAEL-MS/HP-Malaysia_om2@boi164 wrote:
>      Hi Stan
>      I am a test engineer currently working on a project to set up a
>      automatic test program using HP VEE.  One of the routine require me to
>      execute PC program (exe file).  I have manageed to execute it but I
>      need your advice on how to make the VEE to instruct the PC program to
>      execute some of the commands e.g. press the O.K. and Cancel buttons on
>      the PC program.
That will depend almost entirely on the application itself. Namely if
the application has the ability to be controlled programatically.
>      I can do it in Visual Basic, but I prefer HP VEE. 
Does this mean that you know how to do it from VB, or that you
could look at doing in in VB, but haven't yet?
If the former then I would have to assume that the routine has
some sort of communications ability to allow it to be controlled.
What is that mechanism? DDE?
>      I am also need to write an .ini file to someway to instruct the PC
>      porgram to excecute different commands at different situations.
That's very simple. Use the "To File" object to write whatever you need into
a .ini file.
>      Your help is much appreciated.
>      Thanks You.
>      Michael Voo (CSSD R&D Newark)
I'll do what I can- just a little more nformation (above) and
I think that I can get you up and running.
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