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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 12, 1998
As a new convert from LabView to VEE, I have a couple of questions
about panel indicators.

First, is there any way to have a meter with an angular swing of
360 degrees rather than 120?  I'm looking to build something that
looks moree like a tachometer.

Is there a way to replace the button on a slider (which I realized I
could also use as a display) with a picture?  I would like to
illustrate some thing like an antenna going up and down.  Right now,
the only way seems to be to create a small user panel with the
antenna symbol as it's only element and play with the panel position
inputs to move it on the main panel.  Is there a better way.

I there any way to turn off the "raised" property of the bar on a
fill gauge?  I've managed to turn it into a simple sliding indicator
by setting the min and max alarm settings +-1 from the input value,
and making the max and min colors the same as the background, but
the border is still a bit annoying.

I guess the most general question is:

How does one go about creating new display devices?

I appologize if all this is trivial, but I didn't seem to
be able to find any answers in the manuals.


Brent DeWitt
TUV Product Service
Boulder, CO