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Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 26, 1997
Stan Bischof wrote:

> (2) Install the drivers as noted in the install instaructions. This is
> not Plug and Play.
> (3) I woudln't expect I/O Config to recognize it since the NI card doesn't use SICL (I don't think).
> (4) when you get into VEE remember that the NI card will be at SC _14_
> rather than the _7_ you might normally expect. In fact if you go into
> VEE and try 14 you might already be installed correctly. Try
> "refresh" on "my configuration" in the Instrument Manager and see
> if the card is found.
> From my own experience, the NI card is a pain to get configured
> right, but it works very nicely and reliably.
> regards
> Stan Bischof

If you have any configuration problems in getting the PCMCIA-GPIB to
work under Windows 95 you can contact NI at 800 IEEE 488.  I don't know
of any configuration probelms with Windows 95 - but we always welcome
any input to help make our products easier to install and use.

Regarding configuration with HP VEE 4.0 - Go to:

There is a detailed FAQ that guides you through the process if you are
still working on this.

Amar Patel
GPIB Product Manager