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Firewire / MXI

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 25, 1998
The same is also true for the VXI bus. A LAN-VXI converter module
be great and solve many HW & SW incompatibility problems with current
like VXLink, MXI Bus, Command Module, HPIB Interface cards, and all the
software related to them.

    I also heard that there is a standard called "VXI-11.1, Rev1.0
Interface Specification".

    Do you have any information about the availability of LAN-VXI

    Best regards.

    Tuncay Ergun
    ASELSAN Inc.

Steve Mackin wrote:

> A project I am working on now is making extensive use
> LAN-GPIB converters.  The PC running VEE has 2 LAN
> cards. One dedicated to instruments.
> Both NI and HP make LAN-GPIB converters.
> The ability to run instruments from any PC on the LAN
> and the ability to move the converter between labs and
> instruments is really neat.
> The LAN-GPIB converter I am currently using is an HP.
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> Subject:  Firewire / MXI
> Has anyone ever done this?
> Control all test instruments from a PC using the MXI
> interface only via a VXI rack which in turn connects to the
> GPIB instrumentation.
> It would be nice to have just 1 instrument control port on the PC
> instead of 2 (MXI & GPIB).
> Are there instrument drivers to run the instruments this way?
> Regarding the E8491A Firewire VXI slot-zero controller.
> There is an article about it in EDN [2/2/98 issue] and NO
> information on the HP web site!
> We would like to know if [and when] we can set up a test
> system as follows:
> PC ---firewire--- VXI ---GPIB--
> Can the PC control GPIB instruments via Firewire
> through the VXI rack?
> When will VISA P&P drivers be available?
> Our goal is to have only 1 T&M control port
> on the controlling PC.
> Thanks
> Rob
> Rob Marquardt
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> Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
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