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I/O config utility still hangs.

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 27, 1998
        I have experianced this same thing on a PC system using an NI
     RS-422 to GPIB convertor.  We use this to talk to a power supply that
     can be placed farther away from the control system than standard GPIB
     allows.  The RS-422 board in our system is a standard serial port to
     VEE.  If the convertor box is turned off, or if any of the COM
     parameters (baud rate, interrupt number, etc) is incorrect, any call
     to that device will cause the PC to hang - including I/O Config
     (actually Instrument Finder).  In fact, I use I/O config to verify
     that all is working before starting my program, if there is any
     question of system configuration.  If all is set up correctly and
     connected the system works fine.  You might try disconnecting all of
     your  I/O ports and reconnecting them one at a time till I/O config
     hangs again to isolate the cause of the problem. 
        Don't know if that will help, but it may be related somehow.
     Thomas Groleau
     Tucson, Arizona

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Subject: Vrf:  I/O config utility still hangs.
Author:  "Gustin, Mike" <> at CCGATE
Date:    2/27/98 2:42 PM

I appreciate the previous feedback on my problem.
I had the MIS group format the hard drive and reload the everything and I
got the latest I/O library software (F01.02) off the HP ftp server. The I/O
config software still goes off to never never land. The mouse cursor turns
to the standard pointer with an hour glass and does not move with movement
of the mouse. I have left the machine for 30 minutes and the state did not
Anybody got any suggestions?
Mike Gustin