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Vrf : To/From socket problems

Question asked by VRFuser on May 4, 1998
At 17:12 30/04/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I have set up the To/From Socket object in two different vee programs and
>they communicate back and forth with out a problem.
>Now I am trying to communicate with an application that I have written using
>winsock2. The message that is sent by vee is received by the
>application. When I send a message from the application which is acting like
>a server to vee the READ IOSTATUS comes back with a 1 but when I do  a read
>theTo/From Socket object times out saying that it did not receive the
>message. I have the write, read iostatus and read transactions in separate
>To/From Socket objects. I close the socket after trying to read it in the
>third object. The application does not indicate an error on sending and the
>application sees the socket close in vee at the end.
>I would appreciate any help .
>Mike gustin

Hi Mike,

It sounds me like you are reading the message with a bad format. I suggest
you, for testing pourposes only, to include the read part of the sockect
into a loop that read one byte (in bynary format) until the end of the
message. Once you are able to know which is thespecific message and its
format you could design a better sokect structure. Maybe your problem is a
format problem!

Hope this help,

Juan Carlos Martin
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