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Re2: VRF - Programming PassThru instruments with Direct I

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 4, 1997

     The other thing to note with this is the actual HPIB address of the 8350B
     is not 717. We generally set this to 719. I can't remember off the top of
     my head but there are some restriction as to the actual address that you
     can use for the passthru instrument.
     Mark Griffin
     AMP M/A-COM

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Subject: Re: VRF -  Programming PassThru instruments with Direct IO 
Author:  "Warren Pickles"<>  at INTERNET-MAIL
Date:    05/11/97 08:21

     We send passthru commands to a HP8350b sweep oscillator, via a
     HP8757c, using direct i/o.  It works fine.
     In instrument manager I have something like:
     ...where 716 is the analyzer's regular address and 717 is the passthru
     address.  Note that I've used two different instrument names to make
     things less confusing.
     Simply program the analyzer using the former object, and the source
     using the latter.
     Hope this helps,
     Warren Pickles
     M/A-Com Eurotec
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Subject: VRF -  Programming PassThru instruments with Direct IO
Author:  < (Ken Larson) > at INTERNET-MAIL
Date:    04/11/97 16:21
     Is it possible to program the source for an HP8757D scalar analyzer
     using Direct IO?
     Do you have to set up a scalar analyzer object in the Instrument
     manager at the passthru address and send the pass thru commands to
     that object?
     HP8757(@716) for regular commands
     HP8757(@717) for pass thru commands
     Or can you only do pass thru commands via the panel driver or
     component driver?
     Ken Larson