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Question asked by VRFuser on May 20, 1998
send q VRF-LAN_IO ww vrf

from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 800-452-4844
to:   VRF-Alfonso Saavedra
date: Tuesday, 19 May 1998 1515 MDT


If you have a current (4.X or 5.X) version of VEE, you can set up a PC as
a network server using the HP I/O Libraries and then remotely access it from
VEE on another PC.  See notes below.

This isn't guaranteed to work with VEE 3.12, since that version of VEE isn't
supported on Win95.  In fact, I suspect it won't work at all since that's old
16-bit software.

[<>] regards -- gvg