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VRf-Programatic control of Live Mode Bug?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 17, 1998
Try using EXECUTE CLOSE in a Direct I/O object for the serial device. This
will release the port.

Goran Johnsson/HP Sweden

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Date: onsdag, juni 17, 1998 22:02
Subject: VRf-Programatic control of Live Mode Bug?

>I would like HP VEE to release the com2 handle when set to NOT LIVE so
>that I can use Execute Program (PC) to call an exe which uses com2
>The method I tried was to add an address input control pin to the direct
>I/O com2 and toggle it between address 0 (NOT LIVE) and 2.
>Only problem is that NOT LIVE does not release the com2 handle.
>I also tried sending it to com1 (address 1), which it grabbed, (I've got
>a free com1) but it apparently did not release com2. Greedy little
>One can try to connect to com2 using Windows HyperTerminal to verify
>that HP VEE has not released the com2 handle.
>You have to have com2@2 <mailto:com2@2>  configured in your instrument
>manager for this example to fly.
> <<com2ctrl.vee>>