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VRf - Description property of an object

Question asked by VRFuser on May 27, 1998
We are trying to keep everything in its spot as our project progresses. As
we build our C and Vee libraries we want a consistent way to tag a
description of what a function does to it. Well we figured out how to do it
with the C functions and was sure to type a description on all our user
functions as they were created. Now we have a problem. When I typed a
description to a vee user object I right clicked on the function in the
program explorer to the left and hit insert template and typed it in. My
boss right clicked on the function call object in a program that used it and
did the same. These descriptions do not carry along from the library to the
call or visa versa. Is there a way we can make these descriptions the same
outside of going to every function call and typing in a description for it?
Does anyone have a better method of documentation/library control?

Thanks for any help

-Dave Paslay