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Circular displays

Question asked by VRFuser on May 27, 1998
In message <>, Hal Cornelius
<> writes
>Hi all,
>Is there a way to generate a circular angle display, something like the
>meter display but have increments around for 360 degrees.  The position
>indicator will need to be displayed based on the input information.  I
>need this to display a tracking antenna Azimuth and Elevation angle.  I
>have used the digital readouts but some of my customers want the old
>analog format meter they are used to.
>Hal Cornelius
>Research Planning Inc.
>China Lake, CA.
I think the code that used in the 'Wheel Of Fortune' game:

c:Program FilesHewlett-PackardVEE 4.0ExamplesGamesWheel.vee

that shows the rotating game wheel, could probably be adapted to meet
your needs.

Ger Murray