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VRF- Execute Program (UNIX) question

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 12, 1999
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In Unix you can execute multiple commands separated by semicolons.  This is
a shell feature so you will need to select a shell (all support this basic
feature).  For example:

     cd /tmp ; ls xyz.*

Hope this helps,
Tom Sanders

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     Is there a way to define the "working directory" when using the
     Execute Program(UNIX) command?  Execute Program(PC) allows the working
     directory to be defined.
     Part of the problem I am having is how a program I have been given
     that I need to call from Vee needs to reference a file to know where
     to get other data files from.  If I do not start Vee from the same
     directory as this data file is, the program can not find the data
     How do you define what directory Vee itself will use as a "working
     directory",  or does it just the directory it is started from as a
     working directory?