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HP VEE as WWW-Server

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 22, 1999
Latest reply on Apr 22, 1999 by VRFuser
Hello HP VEE users,

I use HP VEE 5.01 as a Web Server under Win NT 4.0 SP3 to monitor some
actual measured values via the WWW. problem is that it is not possible to ensure with additional HTML
pages (like viewdetail or viewmainpanal) without a suffix .html in the
HPVEE-WWW directory that these created pages are displayed in the WWW
Browser instead of the HP VEE program parts.

The description in "HP VEE Visual Programming Third Edition" from Robert
Hensel (chapter 12-24) to make the WWW-Server secure won't work!

Where can I get more informations about running HP VEE as a WWW-Server ?

If anybody has a solution for these problems please let me know.
Any help is welcome.

Roland Hollemann
University of Applied Sciences
Wolfenbttel, Germany