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Default value output

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 7, 1998
> This may be a simple problem.  I am using a Default Value pin on an
> real Slider object.  I want the data on that pin to be output when
> it arrives.  The operator will need to slider to work when there is
> no input on the Default Value pin.  I can see the value show up on
> the object but it does not get output.  I have the Sequence Input
> connected to an Until Break.
> What am I not doing here?

When using control input pins, you must ensure that the control input
fires before the Slider object.  You should connect the sequence output
pin of the default value object to the sequence input pin of the Slider. 
The Until Break should be connected to the input of the default value
object.  This requires that some sort of default value is provided at all


Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul