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VRf-CPU Usage Question

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 7, 1998
Members of the VRf,

Along the same lines as Mr. Timian's question: is this problem going to be
addressed, and, if so, when?  I am asking because the whole question of CPU
usage came from work I am doing for a customer at one of the National
Laboratories, and he has a real dislike for anything that looks like a CPU
hog.  As a check, we fired up LabVIEW 5 (I hope that that isn't a forbidden
word in this forum) and set up the same small program - a simple counting
loop with a delay timer in it.  When we ran this virtual instrument we found
that during the delay period, CPU usage was less then 1% as opposed to 100%
for HP-VEE 5.

My customer is now looking through his National Instruments catalogs, if you
catch my drift.  Any insight into HP's plans would be most helpful.

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Is there anything we can do as users to "prod" them along also.


> Sir:
> This is a very well known problem with VEE.  The ON CYCLE and WAIT objects
> should properly release control to the OS until they time out, but instead
> they just sit there in tight timing loops.
> This has been a complaint for a long time and it's becoming increasingly a
> nuisance.  The lab's normally responsive to high-profile problems, but for
> some reason this one never seems to make it to the top of the queue.
> I'll have to prod them again and raise the priority.
> [<>] regards -- gvgoebel