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HPVee + HP82000.

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 7, 1998
To the VRf,

Does anybody else out there use HPVee with the HP82000 digital tester ???

I've been bashing away with this combination for a couple of years now, and am
getting nowhere near making it into a "useable" production tester. I work within
a high volume semiconductor testhouse, so speed is of the essence.
DC testing is no problem, using PSAV's, DFCM's and DFVM's basic functionality of
the device can be obtained within a couple of seconds.
It's when it comes around to the AC parametrics that the test times go out of
the window. I can't work out how to perform tpd's and rise/fall times etc,
without incurring a large time penalty.

If anyone else has similar experiences with HPVee+HP82000 I would be interested
to swap notes.

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