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making an activex(?)

Question asked by aufenanger on May 6, 1999
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Dear Selma,

there is a chance to do this. Check the chapter "callable VEE" in Advanced
Programming Techniques. I myself tested it. It will work but I think it is
not comfortable enough.

If you are interested in the correspondence with HP about this subject you
can contact me directly.

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I have a program which controls the spectrum analyzer. this program,
myprog.vee is written by using hp vee. Now I want to run this program
within another program which is written by using Microsoft Visual C++. So
I can control the spectrum analyser within a program written Visual
C++ by using the HP VEE interface. the solution in my mind is to make
myprog.vee program an activex or dll. But I cant find any information
about this concept. Consequently how can I make an HP VEE program an
activex or dll. If you know this concept or if you have another solution
to this problem could you send me please.

selma musabak