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How to set focus to an ActiveX Modul

Question asked by aufenanger on Jan 13, 1999
Dear Ralf,

why do you use an ActiveX element? If you are take a normal listbox the box
will have the focus and you can select everything with the arrow keys.

I myself do not believe that it would be very useful to make parts of a
window with an ActiveX-object. If it is possible to handle everything in the
ActiveX-object it is ok. But you have always the problem which application
has the right to draw a window.

I am sorry, but something happend with my email. It came back without text.
So I am sending it again.

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     Hello everybody,

     I am thinking about a realisation of an PanelDriver with ActiveX,
but I
     have the problem, that my ActiveX Modul (ListView) don't get the
focus when
     I start a UserFunction where the ActiveX Control is integrated. But
I need
     the focus, because I want to control everything only via the
keyboard. If
     the ActiveX control has the focus (e.g click with the mouse on the
     object) everything works fine via the keyboard.
     Does anybody know how to set the focus for the ActiveX Modul? Or
     anybody know something about a similar ActiveX modul, where it is
     to set the focus?

     (See attached file: ActiveXMenue.vee)


     Ralf Eichele