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How to declare record of records ? (fwd)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 13, 1999

Thanks for contacting us first.  I have no complaint about you posting
this as long as you qualify it -- that is:

% Not recommended for novices.

% Unsupported, could break in later versions of VEE (with flatly no HP
   obligation to do a fix).

% Potential of corrupting file by accident (make backups first).

% If you do something like this make sure it is THOROUGHLY documented in
   the program so the next person who comes along has some clue of how to
   deal with it.  (I recollect the poor person in New Zealand who got hold
   of a GPIO instrument and had to take a month or so going around with
   me to find out that the person who designed it had modified the GPIO
   card used to provide power over one of the data lines.)


Stan Bischof wrote:

> Greg Goebel <> wrote:
> > Stan Bischof wrote:
> >
> > > VEE _is_ capable of this- see the example below of a record constant
> > > creating a record of records, and a "declare variable" also showing
> > > a record of records.
> >
> > How, exactly, did you do this?  I remember once you actually took
> > the printed form of a record and did some text modifications on it,
> > then converted it back.
> Yup- used Wordpad this time. It is very nice to have an open ASCII
> file format!
> In this case it is very easy. Simply create a record constant or
> declaration as a template and then change the field value to
> a record. To simplify things and keep from essing up too easily
> you can cut-and-paste from another VEE file containing the
> record structure that is wanted.
> Don't do this enough to bothered coding it in VEE, but it wouldn't
> be too hard.
> >
> > This made us a bit queasy but it wasn't so frightening that we bothered
> > you about it.
> Defintely 'advanced topics'. Don't teach this in my beginner
> class here but it will be in an advanced class when I put one together.

> regards
> Stan
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