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beep object to a PC speaker vs. default windows sound

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 22, 1999
In message <>, Paul Bryan
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>Has anyone found trouble with the 'beep' object when a sound card has been
>installed in a PC?  Is there a way to bypass a sound card, talk directly to
>the PC speaker, or send frequency/duration information to the soundcard?
>Reason for asking is that I need to create sound which sweeps down then up
>in frequency, but the only sound I get is a Windows 'default sound' which
>does not change whatever settings I use in the 'beep' object.
>Any help will be appreciated.
>Paul Bryan
>ABL Electronics Corporation
>410-584-2738 x133
On Win95 about a year ago, I've successfully used the peekpoke.dll from
the HP ftp site to drive the speaker port directly. It needs some care,
though to avoid other machine bits.

The frequencies are limited in speed to the fastest that HPVEE can go.

You're probably best to get a public domain library of speaker sound
functions and calling them from VEE.

Ger Murray