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VRF - Help with importing NIDAQ card libraries

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 25, 1999
Sorry, that .h file still has a change I made to re-create your function not
loadable error.
Change makeallscalars to makeallscalar for it to work.
If you want to see your error re-created change the function call in vee to
match makeallscalars and you'll see it.
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> Subject:     VRF - Help with importing NIDAQ card libraries
> I need some help getting the *.dll and *.h file  for National Instrument's
> DIO-96 card into HPVee 5.0. I used the *.h file modified by Dennis Stanley
> of Airsys ATM Inc. for WIN 95. I am using an HP Vectra with Window NT 4.0.
> This is the first time I have done something like this.
> When I do an import library, I get a box into which I specified the file
>  "....WINNTsystem32
idaq32.dll" and the definition file,
> "....MyProgramsWDAQ_95.h".  When I do the import lib, I get a list of
> function names under "compiled functions" in the program explorer. In the
> same Vee window, I pulled in a couple of NIDAQ functions, DIG_Prt_Config
> and DIG_Out_Port, provided inputs and started the program running.
> I have not gotten this to work. When I included the import library box
> into the execution of the program, the program hangs. If I put a start
> button at the top of my function calls only (leaving out the import lib
> box), I get an error, "Function not loadable", on the first function call.
> How do I do this correctly?
> Thank you,
> Nancy Moreyra
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