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VRF - help from beginner

Question asked by VRFuser on May 29, 1998
> Is it possible to compile with the VEE 5.0 evaluation kit?
> If it possible, may I know how to compile it with Visual Basic.

Compiled VEE program execution speed is possible under both VEE 4.0 and
VEE 5.0.  However, the compiled VEE code is not represented using
standard object files that can be integrated into a "standard" Visual
Basic application.

However, you may be able to use Callable VEE.  I don't know if you can
use it with Visual Basic, but you can get some details from the VEE help
files under the topic "Callable VEE".  The VEE manuals that ship with
the product also provide detailed instructions along with the VEE API
definition for integrating VEE with C.

BTW - The latest copy of "The HP Journal" magazine contains an article
regarding HP Labs and the key technology they developed that allows VEE
to execute at compiled program speeds.  The article also references a
web site with more detailed information.


Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul