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direct I/O & panel driver

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 11, 1999
I am currently using HP VEE ver. 5.01.
I am developing an impedance test on 6 t-filters on a backplane
board utilizing a LCR meter from HP model# 4263B.
right now I can test one filter outside the board with a pass or fail
result. THis is done by using panel driver.

In a separate file, I perform an opens/shorts correction test
before I measure the impedance of the filter.
This is done by using direct I/O.

But I get eroneous data (real and imaginery and negative numbers and half
the values that expect) using direct I/O.
I get the expected values using panel driver but cant do open/shorts test.
IF I can do an opens/shorts correction using panel driver then I wouldnt
be having any problems. 
how can I incorporate direct I/O and Panel driver
together? Will this cause a problem If I do.

please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Dean VanEtten