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Automated Cal Programs

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 11, 1998
Fellow coders,
  I am trying to use VEE 4.01 to set up an automated calibration procedure
for the HP-8643A using the HP-8902A and an HP-8562AOPTE51 as the main
standards.  If someone has some routines for this Sig Gen or other similar
Sig Gens using procedures that closely mirror the HP Performance checklists
that they can share I would really appreciate it.
  I would like to automate calibration of the HP-8562A and any procedures
that I could compare with my standards and rewrite would be a great step
  Does anyone have a routine to generate bessel nulls using an HP-8643A and
an HP-8903B Audio Analyzer measured with either the HP-8568B or the HP8562A
Spectrum Analyzer?
  I am interested in other "generic" electrical calibration procedures that
I can examine to determine the best way to prepare a calibration procedure
using HP VEE 4.01.

Thanks for your assistance,
Steven Murphy