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Display object updating

Question asked by VRFuser on May 18, 1998
        Usually it works to set the option CLEAR AT ACTIVATE to off for the
     display object.  This will prevent VEE from clearing the display
     before it updates it, which seems to be what causes the flashing. 
     There are times though, when even that is not enough, there will be a
     slight delay and the displays can flicker.  It's not as bad as the
     flashing, but can still be annoying.  Usually this is worse as more
     displays are being updated on your screen.
     Thomas Groleau
     Tucson, Arizona

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Subject: Vrf: Display object updating
Author:  Hal Cornelius <> at CCGATE
Date:    5/19/98 11:57 AM

I have programs that use several display and alarm objects, especally
the XY display.  When I run the program the display, alarm or any
updated objects seems to disappear for a fraction and breaks up
(flashes).  The information is displayed correctly but it does not look
real pleasing.
Is there a way to synchronize the updates to the displays, buttons, or
alarms so that when new data or color changes occur, from device
status/data, the display will update without blinking?  So that when a
color alarm changes from green to red it does not blank out briefly.
I am using Direct I/O to talk to my equipment.  I have tried sequencing
connections after all data is collected but have not seen much
Hal Cornelius
Research Planning Inc.
China Lake, CA.