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Question asked by VRFuser on May 19, 1998
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from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 800-452-4844
to:   VRF
date: Wednesday, 20 May 1998 1124 MDT

Looks like I might have misunderstood the question below -- I thought it
meant troubles with fixing panel positions *within* a VEE program.  One of
the lab people suggests an alternative interpretation:

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I think this person's problem is best fixed with the

   "-geometry WxH+X+Y"

command line option for veerun.  When an application runs in Windows, if the
application doesn't request a particular 'origin' on the desktop, then the OS
will assign one.  In order to prevent new windows from hiding old windows,
the OS offsets the origins that it doles out by ~25 pixels for both X and Y.
That is why creating notepad after notepad causes the new windows to march
down and to the right.  When a window's bottom right corner would wind up off
screen, the OS resets the origin to 0,0 (upper left).

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> Isabel Gonzalez wrote:
> > Hello all:
> > I have a problem with the Main panel position in run time mode.
> > I create a program icon to run my program.vee.
> > I want this program opens in the middle of screen but when I execute it
> > shows each time in a diferent place.
> > How can I fixed?
> >
> > Isabel Gonzalez
> > E-mail:
> > Phone: 43-43-450800
> > Fax:43-43-465220

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