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Re2: How to declare record of records ?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 17, 1999
Hello Stan,

thanks for your help. If I have seen it right, you just changed the
"type"-parameter in the vee-file to "record" and added the required
Do you think this manipulation could cause any further problems within the other
parts of the program ?
Perhaps the safer way is to do without record of records ?
(In no case I want to use a global variable)

best regards,

Jan-Ole Brandt

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Subject: Re[2]: VRF: How to declare record of records ?
Author:  rsb-at-sr ( at HP-Germany,mimegw1
Date:    1/15/99 4:56 PM

Stan Bischof <> wrote:

> Yes- see example below.
> But first- Is this what you really want?
> As with the record constant object, the "declare" object won't
> set up a record of records. But is it important to be able
> to do so?
> Remember that unlike other languages it is not necessary to
> declare variables. Though I could see that his is indeed necessary
> IF you need to set the scope of the variable.
> In which case there is indeed a little hole in VEE.
> The below code includes a record constant and a declare variable
> both set up for a record of records.
> NOTE that this is not supported and not for the faint of heart.
> What I would call "advanced hacking". But it does work.
> Take a look at this and if it is what you need, I'll go ahead and
> post a note describing how to do it.