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vrf - Q-STATS formats

Question asked by VRFuser on May 20, 1998
I've recently changed jobs. My boss and I are conspiring against the
installed base of NI's CVI Lab Windows to create a more serene world
with HP-VEE which is what we  used at the last place where we worked
together. Something cropped up here that I never dreamed of, or read
about here. We are using data collection systems called Relm, Q-STATSII,
and Rx  from Derby Associates. It's based on the HP3070 in-circuit
tester, which is great, but we also need to format our VEE data to
conform. The Lab Windows programs make a brave effort at it, but fails
on occasion. Does anybody have a simular situation? I'm sure I can get
most of the formatting, but the one thing I'm stalled on is the date
string which goes like this: 9805050756 which would mean 1998 may 05
7:56 am. I've been hacking around with VEE, but can't seem to get past
the nicely formatted date/time strings it provides. any input would be

-Andrew Kronquist

OMC Delavan WI
Ficht Electronics